Up Your GoPro Game By Downloading Your Instruction Manual Free

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Also referred to as the HD Hero 1080, the HERO Naked is kind of cool to use in respect of your ability to play around with various features found in your GoPro Manual  where you get to program your camera to turn on in either Photo Mode, Video Mode, Photo Every X Seconds Mode, or Triple Shot Sequence Mode.

Whatever you do, always ensure you plug in your SD card or else there will be no photos or video to look forward to.

The question that GoPro owners of the HD Naked model are burning to get answered right now is how do you change your default mode on powering up?

It is relatively simple to change. You need to press the Shutter Button (Top of camera), and then toggle between the various choices where:

  • F would be your default setting for Video Mode (By the way F denotes Filming)
  • P would be a choice for Single Shot Photo Mode (Yeah P is for Photo)
  • 3 is the magical Triple Shot Photo Mode (You’ve guessed it – 3 as in triple)
  • PES (Photo Every Second) Mode

Now that you know which one you would prefer, just select it and press the Power/Mode button to save your desired setting.

How to Download Your GoPro Manual right now

You are amped at the fact that you can shoot all kinds of videos, and even HD videos. The only predicament is that once you start noticing the 1,2,3,4, and 5s flashing on the bottom left corner of your GoPro  LCD screen, you are stumped. Not knowing which setting is right for is common for people who have yet to read thier GoPro Manual. What you want to accomplish with your video footage you turn to GoPro Camera Education Pros like ProjectGoPro to get a better understanding of how to download your GoPro Manual

To your amazement, they happen to offer some insight into the matter of “Choosing the Right Video Resolution for HD HERO cameras. Here is the low down on which manual is appropriate for your intended use:

Should you want a higher frame rate per second with a smaller file size, then r1 with a WVGA resolution of 848 x 480 will be right for you.

In case you want to mount your GoPro inside the cockpit of an airplane or on your vehicle/bicycle, a wider angle would ensure better overall vertical viewing for which a resolution of 720p (1280 x 720) and the r2 setting would be just fine.

On the other hand, if you desire an ultra slow motion playback with a similar setting to r2, then setting r3 would be the one to choose.

Now, if you are about to mount your GoPro on your chest or helmet in cases where you want to capture surfing or mountain biking moves, you will benefit from reading the mount section of your GoPro manual. Vertical FOV (Field of View) setting for which the r4 that has a resolution of 960p (1280 x 960) will be perfect.

You may want to opt for the Hero 5 Manual  if you plan on mounting your GoPro inside a vehicle to film the occupants while they are busy riding around. This is due to the 25 percent narrower FOV (127% compared to 170% of other resolutions). The setting is also your highest resolution as 1080p (1920 x 1080), which is great for a 16.9 Full HD video.

What Makes reading your GoPro Manual so Great?

GoPro users love the HERO manual because they learn all the capabilites their GoPro provides. Like the ability to shoot photos in 2/5/10/30 or 60-second intervals. The default mode is set to shoot photos every 2 seconds. You  just press the Shutter button to toggle between the other choices and push the Power/Mode button to change the setting to the desired second mode. All learned in the manual.

This type of setting is ideal for when you want to time your shots and need just a minute to get yourself positioned in front of your GoPro for that wonderful shot. For a full list of settings just download your GoPro manual.

There is such an array of settings you can play around with to the point where others will come to you for guidance on how to manage their GoPro camera. Who knows, it may even be the woman or guy of your dreams who approach you for help.

Why don’t you head over to https://twitter.com/theprojectgopro to learn all there is to know about the various manuals regardless of the model you possess.

CrossFit Routines Based on Your Fitness Level

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Forging a chiselled body does not just happen. Even though it’s been stated that you are not bound to any routines when you engage in CrossFit training as it is regarded as the enemy with no specific routines in your training schedule, you would still follow a broad and full pattern that is designed to conform to your particular fitness goals. Therefore, in a way you can still class it as CrossFit Routines.


Besides, the CrossFit training program is designed around various exercises that are in place to fine tune one or more physical skills.

Nowadays, you cannot move anywhere without hearing someone talk about CrossFit and how much they admire top athletes like Lindsey Guelde, Reebok, Hunter Lydon, and others like Evan Pflock, who leveraged this form of training to help him cope in his various racing endeavours with VW and doing Motocross. Currently, he happens to be a CrossFit Level 1 trainer.

What is great about CrossFit is that it works for anyone. Right from the word go, you will be introduced to bodyweight routines and working out with weights. Your very first Workout of the Day (WOD) does not have to be scary at all, but should rather be viewed as a challenge to change you for the better.

Evan Pflock Crossfit

To make the most out of your Crossfit training, it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the lingo used. Here is a brief summary of some of the lingo terms you’ll encounter:


  • * WOD as you may have noticed refers to the Workout of the Day, which typically lasts for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • * The Crossfit gym would be called a Box
  • * For Time would mean you have to finish a particular workout within a limited period
  • * AMRAP would mean As Many Reps as Possible
  • * CrossFit Open is where you get to register online to compete in type of CrossFit Games on you own or at the box allocated for this purpose
  • * CrossFit Games is regarded as the Superbowl of this sport where the most elite would compete for the title of the Fittest Man and Woman. As you may already know, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Rich Froning claimed these titles during 2014.

Beginner Routines : Evan C Pflock WordPress

You may not be in a position to attend a CrossFit affiliate gym and are in the process of getting your feet wet. In this case, you can quickly follow a beginner’s routine that involves running, push press and deadlifts. Each workout session takes only 30 minutes to do for a period of 12 weeks. With this program, you do not need much equipment or to go to a Box. However, the whole idea is to venture into following a regular training cycle at a CrossFit Gym.

Strength Training Routines

The workouts often entail strength training. Also, most CrossFit athletes like Evan Pflock would utilize an additional strength training routine such as the fundamental lift that includes overhead, back and front squats, deadlift, snatches and cleans as well as a shoulder press. What is nice about strength training is that you can make your selection from a list of exercises that would focus on your individual weaknesses.

crossfit-revolver-evan pflock

The CrossFit Endurance Program

Brian Mackenzie developed the Endurance program as an add-on to the traditional CrossFit workouts. The principal reason for doing so is to improve your performance and endurance while engaged in events like the Reebok CrossFit Games. These workout routines are used by athletes who compete in triathlons, marathons, and any other endurance sports like Motocross or car racing. However, it is just as good for workout enthusiasts who wants that something extra. The CrossFit Endurance schedule incorporates time trials, interval workouts and speed training.

Evan Pflock on Youtube

CrossFit Training is Contagious

A lot of you may be curious about CrossFit or have already signed up for what some would call a “drenched-in-sweat body sculpting transformation wherein only 20 minutes you get to boost your fitness levels in terms of endurance, strength, balance, and speed. It won’t be long before you notice the change in yourself

High-intensity interval workouts such as the ones you’ll find with CrossFit will get you ripped very fast and get others to see the change in you. Unlike other workout routines that involve long sessions, repeating the same exercise over and over again, doing a tremendous amount of sit-ups and crunches in the hope of getting 6-pack abs, running your life away on a treadmill, working out with machines, and involving yourself in isolated exercises, CrossFit only requires a limited amount of time where you get a total body workout in 20 minutes or less. No wonder guys like Evan Pflock came on board and is still involved to this day.

Innovative Fish Tank System Delivered by Top Notch King Racing Suspension

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We all know Tropical Fish Blog provides the highest quality fish tanks in the industry, but did you know transporting these things requires some of the highest end suspension equipped vehicles out there. Most of the time you’d find the suspension on our vehicles in the truck racing industry but we’ve transplanted their technology into our delivery vehicles. Sounds crazy right?

Racing truck owners all over love it when the plan comes together, which is certainly true of King Shocks technology. The mere fact that these guys allow you to customize shocks due to its rebuild ability and adjustability features is good enough reason for racing truck drivers to opt for King Racing Shocks. Their very name is synonymous with racing performance.

What makes racing shocks by Kings so special is that it is custom built from the word go and valved to match racing truck owners’ specific requirements to ensure the ultimate suspension experience, vehicle handling, and performance. Within the confines of continents like Australia, King Shocks are regarded as the largest racing shock dealer since they offer trucks part dealers like Wheelers Off Road some of the best deals around. This enables Wheelers to provide competitive prices to their customers on King bypass shocks, coilovers, standard and racing shocks.

Is it any wonder that off-roaders involved in various racing events go with the best in shock technology? After all, King Shocks specialized in racing performance suspension for more than a decade already. As you can imagine, they are proud to offer off-road racing shocks that will give off-roaders a competitive edge over the competition.

Newly Released Bypass Shock Improves Racing Performance
Just recently, king coilovers tacoma Shocks who happens to be well supported by Wheelers Off Road (Number One supplier of aftermarket parts), launched an internal bypass shock that makes any rider feel like royalty inside the cabin of their truck.

The newly released shocks sure have a lot to offer avid off-road racing drivers. It features internal reservoir front shocks. Both the front and back shocks are customizable and can be altered to suit the particular needs of any truck owner. What is more, it utilizes a unique monotube design, which is great news for off-roaders as it establishes the kind of control needed to stabilize fully your racing shocks by King Shocks. They are after all regarded as the industry leader when it comes to rebuildable and adjustable automotive shock absorbers.

Success Racing Events Made Possible Through King Racing Performance Shock Absorbers
Off-road racers in the States are happy to support companies like Wheelers Off Road, who get their supplies from top Off Road Racing Shock manufacturers like King Shocks.

The off-road racing landscape is well supported by Australians who demands a lot from their suspension systems. For this reason, racing shock manufacturers like King Shocks have to engineer racing suspension in such a way that they can look forward to continuous support from serious off-road vehicle owners.

Take the recent, successful launch of the Australian Off Road Racing Series by ARB, which was held in the beautiful pine forest of South Australia. Do you think the racing driver would have half a chance at being successful at taking their share of the $18,000 price money up for grabs if they do not ensure their vehicles are fitted with the best racing performance shock absorbers? That my friends are highly unlikely.

American off-road racing drivers learned to imitate their Australian counterparts by making sure they fit nothing but the best in racing performance shock absorbers, which is why they opt for King Shocks.

Options Available to Off-Road Racing Drivers by King Off-Road Racing Shocks
There is no shortage of choices on offer for seasoned off-road racing drivers in the States. Wheelers Off Road as an avid supporter of King Shocks ensures this is the case by offering off-roaders with all kinds of options in terms of customizing their shocks to match their needs. What is more, the options provided assist them in increasing their chances of winning any given Off Road Racing Event thanks to high performance shocks capabilities.

Do not be fooled by the Racing Shocks good looks as they have way more to offer than meets the eye. Every shock comes with its set of options, so it is best to check with the experts at trucking part suppliers like Wheelers Off Road first before you go ahead and order your king coilovers for sale at wheelersoffroad.com. Why don’t you give them a call on (541) 474-2879 as soon as possible? Alternatively, you can just email them at support@wheelersoffroad.com

Experience the Rush of Rogue Whitewater Rafting

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A little out of the norm here considering the tropical fish blog but our last outing we went fishing and snorkeling in a couple rivers in Oregon. The trip was amazing and while out we met a few guides from Orange Torpedo Trips. A local rafting, fishing guide company that is absolutely amazing.They showed us great places to snorkel and fish and eventually talked us into going on one of their rafting tours.

And it began… :)

Several people aren’t even aware that folks used Whitewater rafting to transport various commodities in the olden days from one region to another.


It was during the 80s that it became a favorite leisure and recreational activity.

All it takes is an understanding of a few basics to enjoy any rafting activity thoroughly on whitewater. The number one prerequisite everyone needs to abide by is safety. Those who don’t know how to swim need to learn it by enrolling in some swimming classes. It is best you be aware of a couple of precautions you need to take that experienced river rafting guides at prominent outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips will make you aware of. However, should you find your raft going out of control, you should have no trouble swimming your way to safety.

Do yourself a favor by conducting enough research on rafting whitewater so you may be prepared for anything. There are several guidebooks available on the subject, and you can ask for advice from seasoned rafting companies like Orange Torpedo.

Nothing beats the rush and excitement that accompanies whitewater adventures than getting trained by expert rafters whose been at it for many years. It is a brilliant idea to enroll in weight training classes to ensure your upper and lower body has what it takes to withstand the stringent demands that would be placed on it by adventurous rafting on white water.


Doing so will build endurance and strength so you can successfully tackle many obstacles on board your raft.

Also, it is useful having proper rafting gear and equipment so you can fight the whitewater with confidence. Especially if you consider that you will have to confront large, bulging rocks while rafting.

It sure is helpful if you are wearing protective clothing, a life jacket, proper footwear, a helmet, whistle and a knife. Your trip on board any River, whether the Rogue or the Salmon River would be filled with all kinds of thrills and chills if you are armed with the right rafting gear and equipment.

Always follow the expert guidance offered by professional guides and never underestimate the power of whitewater.

If you love nature, and adventure is your middle name, then this is the sport for you. Just picture yourself strapped with a lifejacket and being blissfully aware that anything can happen at any time. Do not stress too much though as there is little to worry about when Orange Torpedo rogue river rafting rentals are accompanying you. This is when you can relax and enjoy watching your best friend’s raft tip over.


Knowing What to Expect from Class I through to V Rapids

You will know how to prepare yourself properly if you have first-hand knowledge of various class rapids. Such as which equipment to have and the location best suited to your excursion.

Let’s start with Class 1 rapids. As you may have gathered from others, these are smaller rapids where the water moves slowly. As they are not too dangerous, these are perfect for the inexperienced.

Secondly, there are the Class II rapids where it would be in your best interest to have some basic training, so you know how to avoid various obstacles and maneuver your way successfully around them. You will notice that waters tend to have faster currents in this class.

From here on your knowledge and skills need to improve. Class III rapids continually changes as you will face larger obstacles, channels that are narrow and long, and wild torrents.

Rogue River rafting Class IV rapids require stronger boating skills due to violent currents in masses of water that are known for throwing various curve balls at you such as masses of rock, holes, and even waves.

If you feel very brave and ready to face extreme danger while considering yourself an expert rafter, then Class V rapids will not be a problem for you. Do not be surprised when intense rapids that hide strong waves, rocks, and currents present itself to you when you least expect it.

Now, that you have more information at your disposal about the various Class rapids and feel you are ready to go for it. Why not get hold of an expert rafting outfitter like Orange Torpedo Trips by contacting them on 800-635-2925 to find out how you too can have the time of your life.

Tropical Fish Custom Screen Printing Shirts

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All kinds of shirt designs are fast becoming a popular outlet for people with a flare for art and share your love for tropical fish. How about you? Would you like to explore your creative side and find out how to design your very own custom shirt? How about cool blue tank top with a big Angelfish? Or a dark sweatshirt with a badass Kribensis?

Screen Printed Fishy fishy ShirtWhether you happen to be a graphic designer, illustrator, typographer or someone who simply loves the idea of coming up with a cool design for their t-shirt or sweatshirt. Now is your chance to make your dreams a reality. You have the experts at Moxley Media at hand to give you top tips on how to pull it off successfully.

Take if from them, even though the thought of going through the process can be a daunting, it is not all that hard once you apply their expert advice. Once you apply the advice given, it is a case of going through the various processes and create a fantastic final product.

Exploring Your Creative Side with These Tips for Your Custom Screen Printed Shirt

Go ahead and make things happen by following these handy design tips:

* Sketch your design, and then go for a long walk before you return and take a fresh look at it. Sleep on it, brainstorm if you have to, then do your design again.

* There is a huge difference between having the design on a screen and seeing it printed. Let the experts do a mock design on a model to give you an idea of what it would look like in the actual size.

* Keeping your design simple is often all it takes to make screen printed bibyour custom shirt shine. While everyone surely appreciates your excellent drawing ability, there is no need to go into too much detail. Picture your design in the middle of the shirt and you will soon see that simplicity is key to getting your message across.

* Who are you designing the t-shirt or sweatshirt for? Would it be for males or females, old or young? Essentially, you want to place a design on your shirt that people want to wear. If you intend making some money off your designs, it is important to know what your target market like and the brands they prefer to give you an idea of the type of design you should focus on.

* Work with the experts by ensuring you choose colors that complement your design. You may be using Adobe software, in which case you should turn on the Global Colors section or make use of Halftones so you can play around with the restricted colors they allow you to use.

* Ensure you do not go overboard in terms of humor when you opt for humorous designs. If done correctly and in good taste, you will turn heads in your direction once you wear the final product.

* Screen printers like the guys at Moxley Media based in Southern Oregon would love it if you could outline the text you intend using and utilize Pantone colors. There are numerous tutorials on how to make it happen to use either Photoshop or Illustrator.

Sourcing Expert Printers for Your Newly Designed Custom Shirt
Moxley MediaSo, you’ve managed to finish your design, and the artwork seems to be in order. Where to from here? All things said, your shirt will only be good to wear if the printing is done correctly and the final design is being showcased professionally. You can either research for hours online to try and find a reputable local screen printer or give Moxley Media a go as they specialize in custom product development.

Things like the sizes, weight, cost and labeling options all have an effect on the final product. While there might be companies who are known for treating your idea as if it was their own, at the end of the day, screen printing is regarded as fine art and needs to be taken care of by professional screen printers.

It makes logical sense to opt for a company who has a proper understanding of various designs, brands and the different materials being used, whether it be for skateboarders, sports events, business functions, street art or bands.
Tropical Fish Custom Shirt
How Top Screen Printers in Oregon Makes Your Custom Shirt Design Shine

Whether it is your intend to have your employees represent your firm at your next event or you want to initiate a charity drive using custom designs, they key to being successful would be to have the right screen printing company at your side. Moxley Media is the top notch expert in screen printing Medford, Oregon.

There are a couple of factors you should consider before hiring a custom shirt printing firm. Here are some of them:

* Be sure the design firm offers you images on disk as well as clip art as well as the ability to use both the back and front of the shirts you want to be designed. They must allow you to manipulate the images and text and rotate it however you like, so you can be truly creative at the end of the day.

* The design in Oregon you opt for should have a range of apparel options for you to utilize. You may want to use long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, woman shirts, and so on for all types of occasions.

* Printing options such as state-of-the-art screen printing, sublimation, heat transfer, etc. should be made available to ensure premium quality apparel.

* Various format and importing options for transferring your images should be at hand, such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc. Make sure to ask what the best format would be to make your final artwork shine.

When designing your custom shirt, it is reassuring to know you are dealing with professionals like Medford screen printing by Moxley Media who are out to ensure the final product has everything it needs to help you stand out amongst the crowd.
Medford Screen Printing
These expert screen printers know how to inspire good designs and offer some useful advice in terms of going with the latest trends without coming across as know it alls. After all, it is all about moving forward and showcasing a custom shirt or two that are uniquely designed and colorfully presented.

Tropical Living with Man’s Best Friend

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Let us be totally honest with you as to why your dog should never be off a dog leash. There is a good reason your furry friend should have one at all times when you are out and about enjoying his or her company.

Dog Leash

Number one is safety. Not just for you and your best friend, but all other dogs and humans who are out on a good day to have some fun. There is no reason to spoil it for anyone by having your dog run loose. However, there are some pet owners who think nothing of letting their dogs roam around while they are in the background somewhere. Somehow, they think that the crucial law of having your dog on a dog leash does not apply to them. Have you visited trainer forums yet?

pet supplies cute dog

What happens when dog owners choose to not use a leash?

Consequences of Not Letting Your Dog Wear a Leash

Think about it. Other dog owners abide by the law as they may have a bit of feisty dog who tends to be a little aggressive once they get in touch with other dogs. Now imagine your dog is not on a leash. Hells bells, the owner of the dog wearing a pet training dog leash may have devoted a lot of time getting their dog to behave. All the effort in getting it right might be set right back to having to deal with an unruly animal thanks to coming face to face with your dog that is not on a leash.

Did we mention its the law?

Imagine your rover is not wearing one. What can all happen?

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the consequences:Un Leashed Dog Digging

* Low and behold, your furry rover might be hit by a vehicle on the road
* Out of excitement, your dog may greet an elderly person by jumping on them and knock them over as a result. Heaven forbid if this should ever happen
* Your pet will scare the living daylights out of every bird or even cats who happen to be around
* Any animal may behave in an unpredictable way at some point. The last thing you want is for your dog to mow a child down
* Dealing with a situation where your furry rover gets involved in a standoff with another dog in the road?
* Your dog might get attacked out of the blue, which will most likely result in an expensive vet bill
* He may consume something lying around and get very ill or even die from it
Dog Pooping
Isn’t better you and your dog abide by the dog leash law? While it is perfectly normal wanting to enjoy a good run now and again, the leash laws are in place for a reason. When you are out and about in public, you do not want to endanger yourself or your dog by ignoring the laws.

What Can Be Done to Unleash Your Dog’s Energy?


Help your dog out and to get them to unleash their energy.

Here are some of the ways you can pull it off:

* Ask around about a dog friend fenced-in park where other non-aggressive dogs would run around as well and take your dog there.
* Have you considered getting some exercise too. Yep, you could go for a long jog with your dog while letting him run to his heart’s content on a dog leash.
* Biking is just as good, especially if you have a bigger dog who loves a good run. You can simply hold on to him with a good quality leash and peddle at a leisurely pace while they run around the neighborhood.

We implore all dog owners to consider using a dog leash at all times. Not only will it make you a law abiding citizen, but your dog will become more disciplined and loving towards all. Besides, being a good dog owner will earn you bonus points with your dog who will look up to you as a responsible human being that knows what is good for their furry friend. Everyone else around you will admire the fact that you care for their well-being and their dogs, and will respect you for that. If you do not have a leash, why don’t you head over to the nearest online store for the best dog leash. We know North West Contract Sewing make high quality made in America leases. Available now on eBay. Linked throughout this article.

Relax Your Senses with Tropical Fish as Pets

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You may have eyed out the tropical fish in the dentist’s office or your best friend’s home and thought it would be a great idea to have your own tropical fish as pets. As long as you choose your fish carefully, ensure you maintain the right water temperature and adhere to a couple of rules offered by your local pet shop, you should be just fine. After all, there are a few things you should know before you head out and buy yourself some tropical fish.


As a good rule of thumb, here are a couple of useful tips that will serve you well in your endeavor to experiment with tropical fish:

* First things first, ensure you get yourself a nice size fish tank that would hold at least 20 to 50 gallons of water
* Get yourself some gravel, a filter, a couple of plants, rocks and any other decorations you may fancy to set your tank up with
* Fill your tank with water and let it stand for a week at least before you choose your fish and introduce them to their new life inside your tank
* Make that long awaited trip to your local pet store and chat to the store owner about what fish they think would be best to start off with.
* Ensure you do routine maintenance on a regular basis to prevent something from going wrong

A good suggestion would be to make a moderate start by not overcrowding your first fish tank. marine-fishTha would be one of the fastest ways to an unhealthy and smelly fish tank, ugh! You’ll soon discover that most fish function best in groups, that is why you will often hear people speak about a school of fish.

Before you decide to get tropical fish as pets, you should do your homework first by drawing up a list of names of the fish you like best. Do not just buy the first fish you lay your eyes on. Rather go home and do a bit of research to see how big the fish you like will get.


dpsm-tropical-fish-screensaver_1To prove the point we are making, say you decide that you want black ghost knifefish to start of with. Even though they may be cute and all at only 3 inches while still little, they will soon grow to a 18 inches. Now imagine you have to deal with a school of fish that are this size? In our opinion, cardinal tetras and cherry barbs are a much better choice.

Other points you need to bear in mind would be how many species you want in your fish tank, and if they would get along with each other. In this regards it is better to ask expert hobbyists or your pet store owner for advice.

Feeding Your Fish

Easy to care for fish generally do not prove to be much of a problem when it comes to feeding time. All you would require is some high quality tropical fish food, tubifex worms and a container of blood worms to keep your fish healthy.

wallpaper-tropical-fish-white-black-yellowIn addition, you should guard against overfeeding them. Rather start out with less food and add more later on as you start picking up on their feeding pattern. You will soon realize that fish food does not last very long and goes stale quickly. It is best to replace it every few months to ensure a fresh supply. The introduction of dried fish flakes that have a lot of nutritional value made life so much easier for fish tank owners who love tropical fish as pets.

More on taking care of your Tropical Fish.


Taking the Necessary Precautions When Cleaning Your Fish Tank

Tropical fish keeping is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. This is especially true when the time comes to cleaning your fish tank. It is suggested you only change a quarter of the water in your tank.

Another point to keep in mind for the sake of your tropical fish would be to fill a bucket of water and letting is stand overnight before you top up your fish tank. While you are at it, ensure you replace the filter weekly. There is really no need to get involved with a full scale maintenance program, when all you need is a bit of water change, some debris removal, cleaning off some algae and maintaining your filter. Reputed fish shop owners will be in the best position to advise you.