Experience the Rush of Rogue Whitewater Rafting

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A little out of the norm here considering the tropical fish blog but our last outing we went fishing and snorkeling in a couple rivers in Oregon. The trip was amazing and while out we met a few guides from Orange Torpedo Trips. A local rafting, fishing guide company that is absolutely amazing.They showed us great places to snorkel and fish and eventually talked us into going on one of their rafting tours.

And it began… :)

Several people aren’t even aware that folks used Whitewater rafting to transport various commodities in the olden days from one region to another.


It was during the 80s that it became a favorite leisure and recreational activity.

All it takes is an understanding of a few basics to enjoy any rafting activity thoroughly on whitewater. The number one prerequisite everyone needs to abide by is safety. Those who don’t know how to swim need to learn it by enrolling in some swimming classes. It is best you be aware of a couple of precautions you need to take that experienced river rafting guides at prominent outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips will make you aware of. However, should you find your raft going out of control, you should have no trouble swimming your way to safety.

Do yourself a favor by conducting enough research on rafting whitewater so you may be prepared for anything. There are several guidebooks available on the subject, and you can ask for advice from seasoned rafting companies like Orange Torpedo.

Nothing beats the rush and excitement that accompanies whitewater adventures than getting trained by expert rafters whose been at it for many years. It is a brilliant idea to enroll in weight training classes to ensure your upper and lower body has what it takes to withstand the stringent demands that would be placed on it by adventurous rafting on white water.


Doing so will build endurance and strength so you can successfully tackle many obstacles on board your raft.

Also, it is useful having proper rafting gear and equipment so you can fight the whitewater with confidence. Especially if you consider that you will have to confront large, bulging rocks while rafting.

It sure is helpful if you are wearing protective clothing, a life jacket, proper footwear, a helmet, whistle and a knife. Your trip on board any River, whether the Rogue or the Salmon River would be filled with all kinds of thrills and chills if you are armed with the right rafting gear and equipment.

Always follow the expert guidance offered by professional guides and never underestimate the power of whitewater.

If you love nature, and adventure is your middle name, then this is the sport for you. Just picture yourself strapped with a lifejacket and being blissfully aware that anything can happen at any time. Do not stress too much though as there is little to worry about when Orange Torpedo rogue river rafting rentals are accompanying you. This is when you can relax and enjoy watching your best friend’s raft tip over.


Knowing What to Expect from Class I through to V Rapids

You will know how to prepare yourself properly if you have first-hand knowledge of various class rapids. Such as which equipment to have and the location best suited to your excursion.

Let’s start with Class 1 rapids. As you may have gathered from others, these are smaller rapids where the water moves slowly. As they are not too dangerous, these are perfect for the inexperienced.

Secondly, there are the Class II rapids where it would be in your best interest to have some basic training, so you know how to avoid various obstacles and maneuver your way successfully around them. You will notice that waters tend to have faster currents in this class.

From here on your knowledge and skills need to improve. Class III rapids continually changes as you will face larger obstacles, channels that are narrow and long, and wild torrents.

Rogue River rafting Class IV rapids require stronger boating skills due to violent currents in masses of water that are known for throwing various curve balls at you such as masses of rock, holes, and even waves.

If you feel very brave and ready to face extreme danger while considering yourself an expert rafter, then Class V rapids will not be a problem for you. Do not be surprised when intense rapids that hide strong waves, rocks, and currents present itself to you when you least expect it.

Now, that you have more information at your disposal about the various Class rapids and feel you are ready to go for it. Why not get hold of an expert rafting outfitter like Orange Torpedo Trips by contacting them on 800-635-2925 to find out how you too can have the time of your life.