Up Your GoPro Game By Downloading Your Instruction Manual Free

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Also referred to as the HD Hero 1080, the HERO Naked is kind of cool to use in respect of your ability to play around with various features found in your GoPro Manual  where you get to program your camera to turn on in either Photo Mode, Video Mode, Photo Every X Seconds Mode, or Triple Shot Sequence Mode.

Whatever you do, always ensure you plug in your SD card or else there will be no photos or video to look forward to.

The question that GoPro owners of the HD Naked model are burning to get answered right now is how do you change your default mode on powering up?

It is relatively simple to change. You need to press the Shutter Button (Top of camera), and then toggle between the various choices where:

  • F would be your default setting for Video Mode (By the way F denotes Filming)
  • P would be a choice for Single Shot Photo Mode (Yeah P is for Photo)
  • 3 is the magical Triple Shot Photo Mode (You’ve guessed it – 3 as in triple)
  • PES (Photo Every Second) Mode

Now that you know which one you would prefer, just select it and press the Power/Mode button to save your desired setting.

How to Download Your GoPro Manual right now

You are amped at the fact that you can shoot all kinds of videos, and even HD videos. The only predicament is that once you start noticing the 1,2,3,4, and 5s flashing on the bottom left corner of your GoPro  LCD screen, you are stumped. Not knowing which setting is right for is common for people who have yet to read thier GoPro Manual. What you want to accomplish with your video footage you turn to GoPro Camera Education Pros like ProjectGoPro to get a better understanding of how to download your GoPro Manual

To your amazement, they happen to offer some insight into the matter of “Choosing the Right Video Resolution for HD HERO cameras. Here is the low down on which manual is appropriate for your intended use:

Should you want a higher frame rate per second with a smaller file size, then r1 with a WVGA resolution of 848 x 480 will be right for you.

In case you want to mount your GoPro inside the cockpit of an airplane or on your vehicle/bicycle, a wider angle would ensure better overall vertical viewing for which a resolution of 720p (1280 x 720) and the r2 setting would be just fine.

On the other hand, if you desire an ultra slow motion playback with a similar setting to r2, then setting r3 would be the one to choose.

Now, if you are about to mount your GoPro on your chest or helmet in cases where you want to capture surfing or mountain biking moves, you will benefit from reading the mount section of your GoPro manual. Vertical FOV (Field of View) setting for which the r4 that has a resolution of 960p (1280 x 960) will be perfect.

You may want to opt for the Hero 5 Manual  if you plan on mounting your GoPro inside a vehicle to film the occupants while they are busy riding around. This is due to the 25 percent narrower FOV (127% compared to 170% of other resolutions). The setting is also your highest resolution as 1080p (1920 x 1080), which is great for a 16.9 Full HD video.

What Makes reading your GoPro Manual so Great?

GoPro users love the HERO manual because they learn all the capabilites their GoPro provides. Like the ability to shoot photos in 2/5/10/30 or 60-second intervals. The default mode is set to shoot photos every 2 seconds. You  just press the Shutter button to toggle between the other choices and push the Power/Mode button to change the setting to the desired second mode. All learned in the manual.

This type of setting is ideal for when you want to time your shots and need just a minute to get yourself positioned in front of your GoPro for that wonderful shot. For a full list of settings just download your GoPro manual.

There is such an array of settings you can play around with to the point where others will come to you for guidance on how to manage their GoPro camera. Who knows, it may even be the woman or guy of your dreams who approach you for help.

Why don’t you head over to https://twitter.com/theprojectgopro to learn all there is to know about the various manuals regardless of the model you possess.