Innovative Fish Tank System Delivered by Top Notch King Racing Suspension

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We all know Tropical Fish Blog provides the highest quality fish tanks in the industry, but did you know transporting these things requires some of the highest end suspension equipped vehicles out there. Most of the time you’d find the suspension on our vehicles in the truck racing industry but we’ve transplanted their technology into our delivery vehicles. Sounds crazy right?

Racing truck owners all over love it when the plan comes together, which is certainly true of King Shocks technology. The mere fact that these guys allow you to customize shocks due to its rebuild ability and adjustability features is good enough reason for racing truck drivers to opt for King Racing Shocks. Their very name is synonymous with racing performance.

What makes racing shocks by Kings so special is that it is custom built from the word go and valved to match racing truck owners’ specific requirements to ensure the ultimate suspension experience, vehicle handling, and performance. Within the confines of continents like Australia, King Shocks are regarded as the largest racing shock dealer since they offer trucks part dealers like Wheelers Off Road some of the best deals around. This enables Wheelers to provide competitive prices to their customers on King bypass shocks, coilovers, standard and racing shocks.

Is it any wonder that off-roaders involved in various racing events go with the best in shock technology? After all, King Shocks specialized in racing performance suspension for more than a decade already. As you can imagine, they are proud to offer off-road racing shocks that will give off-roaders a competitive edge over the competition.

Newly Released Bypass Shock Improves Racing Performance
Just recently, king coilovers tacoma Shocks who happens to be well supported by Wheelers Off Road (Number One supplier of aftermarket parts), launched an internal bypass shock that makes any rider feel like royalty inside the cabin of their truck.

The newly released shocks sure have a lot to offer avid off-road racing drivers. It features internal reservoir front shocks. Both the front and back shocks are customizable and can be altered to suit the particular needs of any truck owner. What is more, it utilizes a unique monotube design, which is great news for off-roaders as it establishes the kind of control needed to stabilize fully your racing shocks by King Shocks. They are after all regarded as the industry leader when it comes to rebuildable and adjustable automotive shock absorbers.

Success Racing Events Made Possible Through King Racing Performance Shock Absorbers
Off-road racers in the States are happy to support companies like Wheelers Off Road, who get their supplies from top Off Road Racing Shock manufacturers like King Shocks.

The off-road racing landscape is well supported by Australians who demands a lot from their suspension systems. For this reason, racing shock manufacturers like King Shocks have to engineer racing suspension in such a way that they can look forward to continuous support from serious off-road vehicle owners.

Take the recent, successful launch of the Australian Off Road Racing Series by ARB, which was held in the beautiful pine forest of South Australia. Do you think the racing driver would have half a chance at being successful at taking their share of the $18,000 price money up for grabs if they do not ensure their vehicles are fitted with the best racing performance shock absorbers? That my friends are highly unlikely.

American off-road racing drivers learned to imitate their Australian counterparts by making sure they fit nothing but the best in racing performance shock absorbers, which is why they opt for King Shocks.

Options Available to Off-Road Racing Drivers by King Off-Road Racing Shocks
There is no shortage of choices on offer for seasoned off-road racing drivers in the States. Wheelers Off Road as an avid supporter of King Shocks ensures this is the case by offering off-roaders with all kinds of options in terms of customizing their shocks to match their needs. What is more, the options provided assist them in increasing their chances of winning any given Off Road Racing Event thanks to high performance shocks capabilities.

Do not be fooled by the Racing Shocks good looks as they have way more to offer than meets the eye. Every shock comes with its set of options, so it is best to check with the experts at trucking part suppliers like Wheelers Off Road first before you go ahead and order your king coilovers for sale at Why don’t you give them a call on (541) 474-2879 as soon as possible? Alternatively, you can just email them at