Relax Your Senses with Tropical Fish as Pets

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You may have eyed out the tropical fish in the dentist’s office or your best friend’s home and thought it would be a great idea to have your own tropical fish as pets. As long as you choose your fish carefully, ensure you maintain the right water temperature and adhere to a couple of rules offered by your local pet shop, you should be just fine. After all, there are a few things you should know before you head out and buy yourself some tropical fish.


As a good rule of thumb, here are a couple of useful tips that will serve you well in your endeavor to experiment with tropical fish:

* First things first, ensure you get yourself a nice size fish tank that would hold at least 20 to 50 gallons of water
* Get yourself some gravel, a filter, a couple of plants, rocks and any other decorations you may fancy to set your tank up with
* Fill your tank with water and let it stand for a week at least before you choose your fish and introduce them to their new life inside your tank
* Make that long awaited trip to your local pet store and chat to the store owner about what fish they think would be best to start off with.
* Ensure you do routine maintenance on a regular basis to prevent something from going wrong

A good suggestion would be to make a moderate start by not overcrowding your first fish tank. marine-fishTha would be one of the fastest ways to an unhealthy and smelly fish tank, ugh! You’ll soon discover that most fish function best in groups, that is why you will often hear people speak about a school of fish.

Before you decide to get tropical fish as pets, you should do your homework first by drawing up a list of names of the fish you like best. Do not just buy the first fish you lay your eyes on. Rather go home and do a bit of research to see how big the fish you like will get.


dpsm-tropical-fish-screensaver_1To prove the point we are making, say you decide that you want black ghost knifefish to start of with. Even though they may be cute and all at only 3 inches while still little, they will soon grow to a 18 inches. Now imagine you have to deal with a school of fish that are this size? In our opinion, cardinal tetras and cherry barbs are a much better choice.

Other points you need to bear in mind would be how many species you want in your fish tank, and if they would get along with each other. In this regards it is better to ask expert hobbyists or your pet store owner for advice.

Feeding Your Fish

Easy to care for fish generally do not prove to be much of a problem when it comes to feeding time. All you would require is some high quality tropical fish food, tubifex worms and a container of blood worms to keep your fish healthy.

wallpaper-tropical-fish-white-black-yellowIn addition, you should guard against overfeeding them. Rather start out with less food and add more later on as you start picking up on their feeding pattern. You will soon realize that fish food does not last very long and goes stale quickly. It is best to replace it every few months to ensure a fresh supply. The introduction of dried fish flakes that have a lot of nutritional value made life so much easier for fish tank owners who love tropical fish as pets.

More on taking care of your Tropical Fish.


Taking the Necessary Precautions When Cleaning Your Fish Tank

Tropical fish keeping is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. This is especially true when the time comes to cleaning your fish tank. It is suggested you only change a quarter of the water in your tank.

Another point to keep in mind for the sake of your tropical fish would be to fill a bucket of water and letting is stand overnight before you top up your fish tank. While you are at it, ensure you replace the filter weekly. There is really no need to get involved with a full scale maintenance program, when all you need is a bit of water change, some debris removal, cleaning off some algae and maintaining your filter. Reputed fish shop owners will be in the best position to advise you.