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Let us be totally honest with you as to why your dog should never be off a dog leash. There is a good reason your furry friend should have one at all times when you are out and about enjoying his or her company.

Dog Leash

Number one is safety. Not just for you and your best friend, but all other dogs and humans who are out on a good day to have some fun. There is no reason to spoil it for anyone by having your dog run loose. However, there are some pet owners who think nothing of letting their dogs roam around while they are in the background somewhere. Somehow, they think that the crucial law of having your dog on a dog leash does not apply to them. Have you visited trainer forums yet?

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What happens when dog owners choose to not use a leash?

Consequences of Not Letting Your Dog Wear a Leash

Think about it. Other dog owners abide by the law as they may have a bit of feisty dog who tends to be a little aggressive once they get in touch with other dogs. Now imagine your dog is not on a leash. Hells bells, the owner of the dog wearing a pet training dog leash may have devoted a lot of time getting their dog to behave. All the effort in getting it right might be set right back to having to deal with an unruly animal thanks to coming face to face with your dog that is not on a leash.

Did we mention its the law?

Imagine your rover is not wearing one. What can all happen?

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the consequences:Un Leashed Dog Digging

* Low and behold, your furry rover might be hit by a vehicle on the road
* Out of excitement, your dog may greet an elderly person by jumping on them and knock them over as a result. Heaven forbid if this should ever happen
* Your pet will scare the living daylights out of every bird or even cats who happen to be around
* Any animal may behave in an unpredictable way at some point. The last thing you want is for your dog to mow a child down
* Dealing with a situation where your furry rover gets involved in a standoff with another dog in the road?
* Your dog might get attacked out of the blue, which will most likely result in an expensive vet bill
* He may consume something lying around and get very ill or even die from it
Dog Pooping
Isn’t better you and your dog abide by the dog leash law? While it is perfectly normal wanting to enjoy a good run now and again, the leash laws are in place for a reason. When you are out and about in public, you do not want to endanger yourself or your dog by ignoring the laws.

What Can Be Done to Unleash Your Dog’s Energy?

Help your dog out and to get them to unleash their energy.

Here are some of the ways you can pull it off:

* Ask around about a dog friend fenced-in park where other non-aggressive dogs would run around as well and take your dog there.
* Have you considered getting some exercise too. Yep, you could go for a long jog with your dog while letting him run to his heart’s content on a dog leash.
* Biking is just as good, especially if you have a bigger dog who loves a good run. You can simply hold on to him with a good quality leash and peddle at a leisurely pace while they run around the neighborhood.

We implore all dog owners to consider using a dog leash at all times. Not only will it make you a law abiding citizen, but your dog will become more disciplined and loving towards all. Besides, being a good dog owner will earn you bonus points with your dog who will look up to you as a responsible human being that knows what is good for their furry friend. Everyone else around you will admire the fact that you care for their well-being and their dogs, and will respect you for that. If you do not have a leash, why don’t you head over to the nearest online store for the best dog leash. We know North West Contract Sewing make high quality made in America leases. Available now on eBay. Linked throughout this article.